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Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport Passenger Numbers Up Year-To-Date

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (BTR), July 15, 2011—Enplanements (passengers boarding aircraft) were up 5.3% at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport in June, 2011, at 35,938 passengers.  There were 35,921 deplanements (passengers disembarking aircraft), up 5.7%.  Total passengers, enplanements and deplanements combined, reached 71,859, up 5.5% over June 2010.


Year-to-date through June, BTR departures were up 10.7% on 12.6% more seating capacity; and total passenger volume was up 10.6% at 402,971 passengers. 


US Airways reached the one-year anniversary for their Baton Rouge to Charlotte hub service that started on June 24th, 2010.  Jim Caldwell, the airport's Air Service Development, Marketing & Public Relations Manager, attributed the addition of US Airways flights and an increase in seating capacity by Continental Airlines as key factors in the year-over-year growth. 

Delta  remains the top BTR carrier with a 39% passenger share, followed by Continental at 28%, American Eagle at 24% and US Airways at 9%.


Contact: Jim Caldwell

Air Service Development, Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

Phone 225-931-9098