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Prime Contractors


Thank you for your interest in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport’s 9th Annual Business Opportunities Workshop. The Baton Rouge Airport is hosting this FREE event to facilitate networking among Prime Contractors and qualified DBE subcontractors. Attendance at this event will not only introduce your firm to numerous DBE subcontractors in the Baton Rouge Airport market area, but may also be applied to your firms "Good Faith Efforts” on your next BTR bid response.

This event will cover:

  • What business opportunities are upcoming at the airport
  • What are the Airports DBE requirements for bids and proposals
  • How does my firm get awarded a contract at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport
  • How do I find qualified DBE firms?

Please complete the registration form below and contact Rachael Bauer, TMG Consulting with any questions 504-569-9239 ex 24.