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Business Center & Wi-Fi
Stay connected to your home or office while in any area of our Terminal.

Visit the Airport’s Business Center where you will find high-speed wired data ports (over a Gigabit infrastructure), a copy machine, and Free Wi-Fi service.  This service enables you to connect to the internet wirelessly through your internal or external Wi-Fi compatible Network Interface Card.


Our recently upgraded Wi-Fi service is available throughout the Terminal Building.  Various hotspots are identified with signage that denotes "Wi-Fi Hotspot.”  Configure your laptop to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi access point that broadcasts an SSID of "BTR Wireless."  Launch your Internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla FireFox) and you now have unlimited access to the web.  Everyone has the option to utilize this service free of charge, courtesy of the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. 
A Wi-Fi ZONE™ is limited in geographic footprint and ranges may vary based on obstructions and materials used in nearby construction. "Wi-Fi ZONE," "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED," "Wi-Fi Alliance," "Wi-Fi Protected Access" and their respective logos are registered trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. To learn more, visit

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access

The wireless network at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport supports most VPN clients.  To establish a VPN connection simply access your web browser.  You will be prompted to accept our Terms of Use by clicking on the "Accept and Continue" link. At this point, start your VPN client software and it should function as expected.