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Message From Our Director
The Baton Rouge Metro Airport (BTR) is a major economic engine for the Capital City region. BTR provides $1.1 billion in economic output and nearly 4500 primary and secondary jobs in the Baton Rouge area. And as an Enterprise Fund, the airport does not use any local tax dollars.

BTR is served by three of the four airlines that control 86% of the domestic airline seating capacity. The "Big Three” airlines that serve BTR provide the global connectivity critical to business travel; and they are profitably serving BTR with millions invested in that service. BTR is also among the top 35% of U.S. commercial airports in passenger volume, and is the 2nd largest airport in Louisiana and the immediate Gulf Region.

While we continue to meet with many airlines multiple times a year in pursuit of additional air service, including Southwest, we appreciate the commitment of American, Delta, and United in providing frequent flights to some of the largest hub airports in the world. Passengers can access Baton Rouge from over 200 destinations worldwide with a single connection. BTR airlines average nearly 50 daily commercial flights in and out of the airport. And a significant number of those flights are now on larger jets with first class and coach seating options.

When making travel arrangements, please consider the total trip costs of driving to an alternate airport including more expensive parking, vehicle mileage costs, and the value of your time. A recent BTR study confirmed that the additional cost associated with driving to another airport is approximately $200 for the average business traveler when considering cost and the value of time. BTR's easy access, terminal-front parking, and fast check-in also means less time at the airport. And travelers can use time not spent on the road to access BTR’s free Wi-Fi for work or entertainment.  

Local air service is a major factor in economic growth, including its importance as a top checklist item in site selection decisions by companies considering new locations for expansion. The over 750,000 annual passengers that choose BTR to meet their travel needs help the airport sustain and expand service. They make a difference in our community. We thank them for their support! 

Best Regards,
~ Ralph Hennessy
    Director of Aviation