Business Development
The Aviation Business Park

      Although the cargo facilities are fully leased at this time, the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport has approximately 700 acres of land available for development, including parcels with runway access. We will work with you to provide Aviation Business Park land that can be developed for multiple uses.    
The Aviation Business Park is located on land owned by the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport. Most infrastructure is already in place, including roads, electrical service, natural gas, water and sewer lines. Full-time police services are provided by the airport at no additional cost to tenants. The site is ideally situated for a wide range of both aviation and non-aviation businesses, providing direct access to major transportation options. We offer competitive leasing rates, economic incentives, and many other advantages.
      If you are interested in learning more, please contact Josh Anderson at 225-355-0333, or click the link below.

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